I know you want it NOW, yesterday even.
I know the waiting has got you beyond impatient.
I know you’re ready for the next step, your breakthrough, the ease, the flow, the relationship, the abundance.
I know you’ve had enough of the same old, living like this.
Patience didn’t come here with me, I rushed into this world so quick they barely got my Mom from the car to the hospital bed, and at only minutes old I was already lifting my head.
Ready for what’s next.
But always seeking what’s next continuously takes us all out of this very moment and the cold hard, beautiful, truth is – this moment right here – it really is all there is.
We can plan & prepare for the moments ahead but as we get there we realize, those moments are still – now.
How do you get where you want to be when where you are pretty much sucks? Or perhaps it just isn’t the best you know is possible for you…
The most important lesson I’ve learned so far on this journey of creation, manifesting & evolving is – you have Got to enjoy, appreciate, love the fuck out of this moment you’re in.
It seems cruel sometimes, how could this be the way when I want something better or different now! 😭
But once you see that there are endless things to appreciate in this moment – & you really truly get down to the business of loving the fuck out of where you are – holy shit shifts happen fast!
We just have to get out of our own way to let it happen.
Make a list right now of 20 or more things RIGHT NOW that you can appreciate in your life – I know they exist. Send me a message if you need a little assistance coming up with some. Continue this list daily, stay in the moment WHILE holding the energy and vision of where you’re going and be prepared for the magical unfolding.
You can do this.
Massive Love to you xo.