We are multidimensional beings
And our whole works best, with all parts in alignment
When we separate ourself from our inner Being/Source/Soul – we disassemble the whole and cause a cascade of chaos, un-rest, and unhappiness.
This causes grave discontentment that feels akin to a slow, agonizing death, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental- or all.
This leads to seeking for something to ease the discontent, something that looks like it could easily be found – out there- but only leads to more inner anguish as each goal or object is achieved and yet there is still an absence of inner peace. It leads to constant over consumption, reaching for more and more, with no real lasting fulfillment and the cycle is perpetuated. Creating a heaviness that feels constricting and suffocating. It starts to feel hopeless when no matter what is found, out there, no matter what is consumed, what is done, what is sought after, strived for, reached, – there still seems to be a gapping missing piece.
All the while, the connection has always been steadily flowing to and through you- but we often don’t see the forest for the trees, and all of the distractions cause blurred perspectives which cause us to drift further from our inner connection.
But, the beauty of it is, it is the one constant that never waivers, it is an ever lasting eternal presence that though we may not be able to “see”, it is always right there, waiting for us, to just – BE.

When we return back home to Soul- to our own inner knowing, to the one connection we can always be sure and certain of, to the guidance of a power greater than, yet comprised of, us, we return to wholeness and FROM wholeness- we live in alignment, in integrity, in certainty, in clarity, in peace, joy, and humility.
We live truthfully, faithfully, purposefully.

We live by the YES’ and are only re directed by NO.
We always have a secure place within to call “home” and return to at any moment
We are guided to outer experiences to expand and evolve us, without depending or needing them for our survival.

We know, without a doubt, that these mortal bodies are temporary vessels for a vast physical experience guided by an inner source that has NO end.
When we shift the focus to within, we do not miss out on the outer world, we in fact deepen our connection to all that is around us, by first solidifying the connection inside of ourselves – Which just happens to be the source that lives within, and around us – there is nowhere we go that our source is not.
The discontent eases when we regain our connection and remember our purpose – to experience the full extent of this existence.
The consumption and exploring and receiving is all a part of it, we are meant to experience it all,
But it is not the end all and be all, it is not what improves or validates the existence we live, it is what enriches the experience, it is what expands our Souls mission and vision.
If you want contentment, with or without consumption, you must first rekindle the connection within – and all else will respond to your inner alignment.
If you are ready to re-connect, reclaim inner peace, power & happiness, cultivate healthy loving relationships, and align with your Souls purpose
I have a few spaces open in my 6 month 1:1 Soul Alignment Mentorship – where we reconnect Body, Mind & Spirit for a whole healing & expanding experience.
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