When a relationship ends it is not unusual to spend a lot of time going over the details in our minds, with our closest friends or even with the person we were just in the relationship with trying to get answers as to what went wrong, how we thought it was so right and why, for goodness sake if we loved each other, are we leaving each other? It can be so difficult to understand why if two people love each other that the relationship would have to end. When our hearts are broken it is in our nature to start to recall only the good times, the moments that made us happy. Our hearts are longing for this connection again and looking for any way to cling to hope and help us feel better if only for a moment. We dismiss the reality of how bad it truly was, we forget the fights, the arguments, how disrespected we were, we forgive the cheating, the abuse, the lies, the shortcomings because we know they didn’t mean to, we know they want to be better and do better, we know they love us but just have a hard time showing it sometimes.

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