Let me just tell you.. the moment I got an iPhone I was so happy for the “block” feature, after having a blackberry for so many years I just wanted someone to block, because I could.

Fast forward years later and someone whom I kept going back to despite the fact that they were clearly NO good for me was sending me messages and it was hard for me not to respond.

Know what I mean? Like you know he’s no good but you secretly love that he’s still giving you attention and wanting to see you, even if it is only once a week, in the middle of the week to “watch a movie” . because deep inside you think that means somehow he might be coming around, changing his mind, realizing what a f*cking magical Unicorn you really are.
Maybe this time it would be different, OR you just want that moment of comfort you feel in his presence because being alone just feels so damn lonely. Yeah, that.

So Anyways, my friend demanded I block this guy. But I refused. My reason? I decided that If I blocked him I was creating an energetic vacuum. I was putting up a wall that would only perpetuate further behaviour of the same. A weird way to look at it I know. But I knew me ( and I’m weird anyway) and I knew it didn’t  just mean I wouldn’t go back, it meant I would consistently wonder if he was trying to contact me. It would drive me more crazy wondering, than it would trying to resist texting back when he did slide into my inbox.

I tried blocking though. I gave it an honest shot, because you know if one thing isn’t working it’s time to try something new and I was no good at ignoring. But it only put more attention and focus on what I was trying to get away from.

So I realeased the block, literally and energetically. I removed the barriers I created so that I could create room to let go, to grieve, to forgive and to move on. I still deleted everything including the old messages that reminded me of what was once so full of hope and promise.

Now, there is certainly a difference if someone is harassing you, block that nonesne asap! But if you are blocking someone because you do not feel strong enough yet to resist responding to their messages then I encourage you to explore that further. Perhaps blocking is necessary while you find your foundation again, but keeping blocks up only draws energy to the areas you are trying to move away from.

It is so empowering to receive messages from someone you once could not say no to, and being able to smile and hit delete!

Holding onto old text messages keeps you in that old energy, it keeps you wishing and hoping for the way things were instead of grasping your new current reality, the way things are.

Looking through old pictures brings up those old feelings and your brain does not know what’s current and what is not so conjuring up those feelings keeps you stuck in the past, unable to move on.

It’s good to set aside time for grieving, to go through what was and allow yourself to send thanks, offer forgiveness and let go peacefully. In your own due time.

But if you are spending weeks or months reliving what happened, re reading old messages, pulling up old pictures you are not giving yourself the grace of letting go and moving on.

It’s not easy, trust me with all my heart I know, but I also know the freedom and liberation that comes from finally deleting the old stuff and creating energetic space for what is to come.

You cannot invite in new Love, new experiences, new relationships if you are still hanging onto the past.

So, it’s time to remove the block, delete the past and move towards your bright and promising future!

It’s okay to let go, you are not losing anyone, you are gaining