Private Coaching 

Are you ready to have the Life & the Relationship you know you deserve?

Your relationship with yourself is the defining factor for your relationship with anyone – or anything -else. 
When you transform the relationship with yourself, you will experience healthy, fulfilling, loving, happy Relationships with others in your life – especially your most romantic & intimate ones. 

Private coaching & Spiritual Guidance together is a sacred, container we create  where we engage in deep, Soulful, Work to transform your inner world, to create amazing relationships, love, well-being, & abundance.

You Were Born to LOVE

You know you were born for more, 
More love, 
More connection,
More Soul fulfillment, 
More abundance, 
More purpose. 


You are done with the dating dramas and disasters, done with the self-doubt & insecurity, and you are ready to step fully into your own power & consciously create the Love you’ve been craving.

You are ready for healthy, loving relationships,
Overflowing Abundance,
Divine Happiness,
& real inner peace.

And I am here to help guide you there.


I was brokenhearted, feeling completely helpless & drowning in my sorrow when  I signed up to work with Janine. I had my whole life turned upside down and couldn’t see a future for myself.  She showed me a path to unconditional self-love and held space for me to feel my pain, process my emotions & reach for something better. She showed me how amazing it can be to surrender and fall in love with myself.
I have never worked with someone who is so authentically kind and non-judgmental. Her grace and unconditional positive regard for people is palpable in the work she does. My life has been dramatically impacted by my work with her, and I am so unwaveringly appreciative for her coaching and support.
Rev. Anneille

After a bad breakup and change of career, I felt lost and beat down. I had lost my sense of security, direction, and hope for my future. Working with Janine helped me discover the hurts and hang ups that were affecting my life and preventing me from experiencing wholeness and joy in my work and relationships.

I found the courage to go after the things that make me come alive, the joy of perusing my dreams and goals, she helped me find my fearlessness and with that courage I have grown a lot and have created a fuller life perusing my dreams and goals.


I found myself feeling completely lost. I felt stuck. Working with Janine gave me the direction I needed. I learned to reconnect, get in touch with my core values and love my life again. I have been able to repair strained relationships and be excited about my future again. She gave me a safe place to share my truths, and offered love, support & guidance.


In your 1:1 Coaching Program with Me,we use practical, energetic, & spiritual practices + intuitive guidance to:

Transform your relationship with yourself to transform your relationships with others,

Access your unconscious and reprogram outdated, limiting belief systems keeping you from abundance, peace, love & happiness.

Eliminate recurring patterns of sabotage & resistance in relationships with others and yourself,

Soothe your nervous system to allow a clear pathway to your Consciousness, Soul & Intuition so you can make decisions & create your reality with confidence,

Harness your Emotions & Energetic Power to consciously create healthy relationships, success, abundance, & happiness.

1:1 Coaching Programs 

If you are ready Now to break free of your old limiting beliefs, live in alignment,rock your confidence & thrive in your relationships, in peace & happiness and you are feeling a YES to working with me,

I invite you to Send Me a Message HERE to discuss getting started.