The only way you transcend this human experience, is death.

Spirituality is not a modality to be used to escape this experience,

It’s to remember where you came from and help you enhance your experience, 
You did not come here from spirit, to only be spirit,
YOU came for the human experience,
Make no mistake, before long, you’ll be right back to it,
So, while you’re here, like you chose to be, 
Really BE here, fully here, Fully YOU,
The full human, with all of your emotions, and all your messiness, and all your gloriousness, and all your magnificence, and all your weirdness, and all your brilliance, and all of your beauty, and all of your mistakes & missteps, your lessons & your blessings, 
Be here, 
Do not spiritualize yourself out of the human experience,
Spiritualize yourself Into it
Into experiencing Love on a physical plane, the butterflies, and the heartache,
Into experiencing taste, and touch, and rainstorms & sun,
Fully Revere the miraculousness of your existence
And welcome spirit to help you navigate it, instead of trying to escape it. ❤ 

If you’re ready to be guided deeper within yourself,
to know yourself beyond all judgement & doubt, to connect to your Soul

To Love yourself with full acceptance,
To have healthy, thriving relationships,
To feel a belonging here, in your body, and on earth,
To live your truth & your purpose,

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Learn to understand & master your emotions & your energy,
Trust yourself & your intuition,
Reprogram your subconscious mind to activate your desires,

Integrate your shadow bringing you to wholeness,
Consciously Create your reality. 
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