Heart’s are breaking and it’s killing people.

I used to believe that heart’s couldn’t break.

But I’ve changed my mind…

Sort of.

I still believe no one else can break our hearts, a million percent I believe that.

What I believe now though is that people are indeed breaking their own hearts and it’s literally killing them.

I have become aware of more heart attacks in young people lately than I have ever heard of before.

Heart disease is on the rise and according to one study published just last year, “researchers have found a significant increase in the number of patients having heart attacks who have no obvious risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or smoking.”

We can no longer look at heart disease – or any disease for that matter simply just from a nutritional or fitness perspective.

Its deeper, so much deeper and it needs to come to the surface asap if we are going to change this statistic, or not become one of them.

It’s no secret that our society has become SO increasingly disconnected.

People are making more eye contact with their technology than they are with their peers, scrolling mindlessly through social media, comparing themselves, judging and criticizing themselves and others, feeling not good enough, stalking their ex’s therefore not moving on and staying stuck in the same dead end cycles.

People are building walls around their hearts to keep pain and feelings at bay because no one has taught them how to connect with, feel and work through their emotions so they’ve become so terrified of feeling anything that they literally shut their feelings off not realizing that doing so is actually creating a clog in the pipeline of their life force and vitality.

People are clinging to the past, afraid to move forward, holding onto old feelings and memories of heartbreak and keeping their bodies stuck in the same cycles by way of their unevolving mindset.

We have become a “too busy”, “too tired”, “too focused”, “too driven”, “too sensitive” to the outside world to pay attention to our own inner world – the world that really matters.

Here is what you need to know: what you suppress/ignore will find a way to express itself one way or another and when it does you can almost certainly be prepared for an explosion either internally or externally.

This can work both ways. If there is a constant belief that other people, the world etc can hurt us we allow injury to our hearts this way too.

If you are not paying attention to what your body is telling you, the message will find another way to reach you which sometimes comes from the outside world but is a direct messenger from your internal guidance system.

Everything in this universe is energy and energy is constantly moving and when energy cannot flow it finds other ways to grow. This can show up in people as tumours, cysts, inflammation, hardened or clogged arteries and so on.

The epidemic of our time right now is not cancer and not heart disease – it’s stress and a severe emotional disconnect.

What is not expressed emotionally and energetically will find a way to express itself physically, and believe me, it doesn’t look pretty.

Rejecting any parts of yourself automatically starts to shut you down.

If you reject your emotions which are your body and souls internal guidance system you lack direction, clarity, focus, consciousness, life force.

Turning emotions off, building heart walls, tuning the world out, isolating yourself, disconnecting from human interaction these are the new risk factors for heart and other body diseases.

Our nutrition plays a role, our physical fitness plays a role, but neither of those matter if our energetic and emotional health is not nurtured and well balanced.

It doesn’t matter how many smoothies you drink or how many apples you eat. It does not matter how many steps your fitbit tells you you took each day if you are completely tuned out from the center of your system that literally keeps you alive then your heart is not completely healthy.

How do you nurture and balance your energetic and emotional health?

-You tune in.
-You ask yourself questions.
-You turn off your mobile devices and start to connect to the world around you.
-You take off your shoes sometimes and put your feet on the earth that sustains you
-You talk to someone about your emotional/mental well-being.
-You write about how you feel.
-You talk about how you feel
-You get to know your body beneath your reflection.
-You stop holding things in and find outlets to express yourself.
-You love and accept yourself.

Our world is shifting and although more and more everyday tasks are being handed over to technology aka Robots – we are still spiritual beings on a human journey and a robotic existence does not and will not work for us. It is time to fully wake up, tune in and turn on your own inner technology if you want to truly thrive in your short time here.