The queen of heartbreak, dysfunction & pain,
a magnet for unavailable, untrustworthy men
A real rock bottom optimist, alcohols best friend
No stranger to drama, a broken down mess
A posterchild for victimhood, a real martyr for her cause

I lived my life for so long, thinking that was all there was,
convinced everyone else was the problem,
and I was hard pressed for luck

I was often a shattered mess of emotions not having one bit of a clue how to handle them,
drowning in sorrow and despair

Thankful to find temporary relief in outside afflictions.

Feeling lost in this world, certain I didn’t belong, searching for home everywhere else but myself.

Wounds in desperate need of healing got buried deeper beneath the surface each time they would try to rise, having absolutely no tools, nor the awareness to even begin to face or heal them.

I was certain I was hopeless, that life would drag on, that the pain would be greater than anything I could ever possibly overcome.

All of the heartache, all of the hurt, all of the disappointment was too much to carry.

And right about when I thought, maybe it doesn’t get better, maybe better would be for it to end…

I realized, I didn’t have to carry it all anymore

If I was willing to leave this earth, and shatter the Universe with an untimely decision,

Why wouldn’t I just.. decide different?

The moments I began to shift, I was guided from something bigger within, something I had long felt disconnected from, a remembering that couldn’t have come soon enough.

The most essential part of my existence was begging for my attention,

But I was numbing myself from the exhaustion of the burnout, I could barely listen.

Reconnecting to the source within me, unconditionally LOVING the good, bad, & ugly parts of me,

made it possible for healing, growth, and evolving.

Remembering I was so much more, bigger, & beyond the personality I had created, my circumstances, my beliefs, my experiences, awakened me to the infinite potential of my existence.

We become who we believe we are, we become the stories we tell ourselves, we become what we repeat.

At any moment, you can change direction, change your narrative, heal your past & embrace the absolute miraculousness of your existence.

At any moment you can choose joy, freedom, peace, love & expansion.

You do not need to live within the confines of yours, or anyone else’s limits only created by & held within the mind.

You can be free of afflictions that keep you feeling bad, you can turn your pain into purpose, you can love deeply & fiercely without holding back for fear of loss, you can express yourself fully without discouragement or worry

You really can be all of who you came here to be.

When I let go of my story of struggle, pain, & heartache, being my sole identity,

Joy, peace, Love, grace & ease is what naturally flowed through me, unleashing my SOUL identity.

Allowing me to thrive in healthy, loving, relationships,

Live deeply in my purpose,

Feel safe in my body, and in every situation & circumstance.

You can stop being your own worst enemy.

You can stop being defined by your past and start consciously creating your future, NOW.

Your struggle, and suffering is no longer necessary, the tides have turned, now it’s time for you to thrive, harness your power, own your truth, deepen, & expand in your one, magnificent life. ❤


I have a few spots open in my 5 Month 1:1 Soul Guidance Coaching Program.

This is for you if you are ready to own who you truly are, trust your intution & your desires, live your truth & own your power, claim your worth & unleash your gifts, and release yourself from the binds of who you though you should be, and live in full alignment with who you know you were born to be.

In this time together, you will:

Replace limiting beliefs with unconditional certainty,
Reprogram your mind into believing in & loving yourself fully,
Integrate your shadow self to align with your wholeness,
Connect & communicate from your heart instead of your head,
Foster healthy inner and outer relationships.

If this feels like it’s for you, it probably is 😉 . Send me a message to get started XO