So a few weeks ago I submitted an article to be published in the Huffington Post. It was like a dream come true to receive an email back from Arianna Huffington’s email account approving my post in less than 24 hours.

This week I was finally able to publish my post.

It is a very real and raw account of events that happened in my life to shape who I have become today.

After years of self sabotage, poor decisions and one failed relationship after another (if we can even call them that), I finally found my way back to loving myself wholly and truly.

It is my hope that women who read this will know that they too can pick themselves back up and find love within themselves again and release the shame and burden that is all too familiar with an abusive situation.

I am choosing to share my voice, and my story to help women who have been where I have been, or still are.

If you are ready to move forward into loving yourself fully again, please contact me for a free call to explore the possibility of working together <3

Here is the link to the article:

From a Cheap Love Addiction to a Self Love Affinity

Thank you For reading <3 xo

Love Always