Music is the #1 thing that got me through so many heartbreaks. As a poet and a writer words are medicine to me. I would open the browser on my phone while I was at work when my heart was aching and google song lyrics just to help me feel better, and it worked. 

Somewhere someone out there has been through exactly what you are currently going through and they put their feelings into words likely for their own therapy but inadvertently to help you too! 

When I used to go through a breakup my go to songs usually went from super sad songs that I would just curl up in a ball and cry to, to angry songs to uplifting, powerful songs that made me feel like a breakup bad-ass.  

When we go through a breakup we are experiencing a loss, a loss of a future we envisioned, a loss of a partner and at one time best-friend and a loss of the normal life we were just living. Grieving is a very natural part of the breakup process and while like all grief there is no time limit on how long you can feel it for it is equally important to keep moving forward in life even if it is little tiny baby steps. 

Having a kick-ass playlist to get you through these tiny steps can make it that much more easier and bearable! 

Here are 5 of my fave songs to add to that list that go from heart felt and slow to kick-ass empowering. ♥

Alicia Keys – Lesson Learned


 Katy Perry- Rise 

Beyonce- Run The World

Meaghan Trainor – I Love Me


because it’s a classic..

Gloria Gaynor – I will Survive 

I hope these songs brought a little peace to your heart and some movement into your body.

Remember that even if it feels like it right now, you are not alone. If you need to chat hit me up with an email: and for more soulful support come on over and join the Heartbreak to Healing: Love Liberation Queens  .