You can leave any situation, any place, any person,

But you must remember that, no matter where you go to, you take you with you.

For so long I left, a lot. I was always leaving.. (read:avoiding)

I left to escape the neglect, the disrespect, the emotional unavailability, the disconnect,

And then I’d find myself right back in the same situations just with different faces,

Another one I had to leave,

Again and again and again.

I was attracting the very thing I needed to heal, but I wasn’t actually willing to face the one common denominator in every scenario…

I was not willing to be the one who needed to face their own shit, heal, & change the things I said I hated/didn’t want/would not accept.

Leaving offers momentary reprieve, and certainly sometimes it’s very necessary to finally be able to see,

But no matter what, if you do not face the stuff, acknowledge & change it, you will inevitably continue to relive it, over and over again.

Leaving is often a temporary solution for a deeper, unacknowledged problem.

When you accept this, and begin the work to heal the parts of you that you keep running from, you’ll be able to Love exactly where you are, in every moment, situation, and circumstance.

Because none of those things are ever really what they seem to be, they are just reflecting back to you what your Soul self wants you to see.

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