We all have a dark side, a side we hide from the world, a side we don’t want anyone to see or know about…

A side we would almost die rather than have anyone find out exists within us…
and that is what hiding it does, it weakens our life force, it leaks our power, it renders us helpless….
Until… We fully own, accept, and love the f*ck out of every bit of it.
You take your power back when you recognize that there is nothing anyone could ever do or say to take away the absolute truth that lives within you
You are enough as you are
Your past does not define you
Your dark, dirty, wild, weird, ghastly secrets, do not change how lovable, worthy, and f*cking amazing you are.
The parts of you that you’ve rejected are holding you hostage.
You think you’re protecting yourself, and the world by shoving them down and avoiding their existence,
when you’re actually causing more damage than good by disconnecting from your wholeness.

You acknowledge, accept & integrate the shadow by recognizing what triggers & bothers you about other people, the things you judge in others, the words you will never let yourself even whisper, the envy you possess when someone gets or does something you wish you could but think you can’t, it’s the wild you try to tame, the “too much” you try to not to be, the emotions you refused to feel, the memories you wish weren’t real.

An untethering of yourself from everything else, and an integration of all you are within.

You are so incredibly powerful when you let yourself be unacceptably whole. 🖤

If you are ready to integrate ALL of you into your wholeness, ready to stop stalling on your desires & let yourself fully receive what you want in this lifetime, ready for fulfilling, healthy, intimate relationships, And, ready to be fully responsible for all of it, then my private mentorship can be the place where you fully reclaim all of it.
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