Is Self Love Spiritual?

I used to think, it’s not very spiritual to love yourself so much,
Shouldn’t we be humble?
Isn’t it more noble to think of ourselves as just “being” and not exuding all of this grandiosity?

Maybe a little, but also,

I believe we can be humble while also loving the fuck out of ourselves,

Thats literally what we came for.

And why on earth would we bend to a society that profits so greatly from us shaming, hating, and shrinking ourselves? Is that more spiritual? More noble? More respectable?

It isn’t. 

Spirit already knows, 
God already knows about “being”,

We came here for a full human experience,

We came here literally made from the energy of LOVE
So why the HELL would we not celebrate, embody, exude, and amplify that?Why on earth would we contract when the Universe wants to expand?

I believe deeply within humility is the essence of Self Love & acceptance
It does not have to be loud, or boisterous,
Self Love, self confidence, its rather quiet in how it presents,
The addiction to suffering, struggling, and downplaying our GOD GIVEN MAGIC is old, like really old and there is no more room for it now, this world needs you turned on by yourself,
Imagine no one ever told you to tone it down?
Imagine being celebrated in every moment of your being-ness?
Imagine every single aspect of you being you was nothing short of a miracle that you, and the entire world was constantly in AWE OF?
What then?
Imagine the miracles you would allow to flow through you?
Imagine the truth and the wisdom and the Soul saving medicine you would be producing,
If you just gave yourself your own permission to
Just be
To LOVE yourself, and all of your cells,
TO ADORE who you are in every phase of your evolution
TO admire your strength, your softness, your sensitivity, your intuition,
It gives me chills just thinking of a world of humans, awakened to their own inner gifts,
Fully activated in their Soul purpose,
Loving unconditionally, and compassionately,
Thriving in relationships, connections, and solo moments,
Because how could you for one second love someone any less than the way you love yourself, how could you ever even consider the possibility of not being Loved by someone else? I’ll tell you, You wouldn’t!

When you truly, fully, unconditionally, Love & Accept you,
Your relationships flourish with ease,
You live in your purpose,
You heal in your body,
You expand in your essence.
You live harmoniously, while also shaking shit up because you know that’s what you came for, to create ripple effects with your existence & shift the consciousness of this Universe.
The most spiritual thing you can do, is love the F*ck out of You.