The reason You Can’t Say NO

The reason You Can’t Say NO

You hear you need to say No more often, 

That you need to take your power back by creating boundaries and setting standards

You feel this deeply, you feel out of alignment

You feel like you have to change something

You feel like you have to do something big and drastic, 

And you also feel paralyzed, stuck, and worried.

There are so many reasons why any of us would have a hard time saying NO at any given time, 

This can vary from situation to situation,

Perhaps its a trauma response, a people pleasing habit, a fear of being abandoned and so much more, 

But what is absolutely certain, 

What it all always comes down to,

What the root of it always is

Is an unclear and uncertain, definitive YES to Yourself

It is a disconnect from who you truly are at your core

A separation from your pure essence

A distraction from your divine Source.

You fight so hard against everything else, blaming people and circumstance for how you feel

Feeling helpless and discouraged because you can’t control whats “out there”

When all you really truly need to do, is just plug back into you

Reconnect with your Source

Tune into your Soul

You have infinite amounts of power at your disposal

You have everything you could ever need to succeed within you right at this moment

You are capable of anything you want

You are provided for in all the ways necessary

You have a hard time saying No because you have yet to fully say YES to yourself

When you do… things line up more easily for you

Life flows more effortlessly

Decide what you want, out of this life, out of your existence, out of your incarnation

And create a clear and definitive, non-negotiable YES for it

And then don’t fucking look back. XO

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We All Have a Dark Side

We All Have a Dark Side

We all have a dark side, a side we hide from the world, a side we don’t want anyone to see or know about…

A side we would almost die rather than have anyone find out exists within us…
and that is what hiding it does, it weakens our life force, it leaks our power, it renders us helpless….
Until… We fully own, accept, and love the f*ck out of every bit of it.
You take your power back when you recognize that there is nothing anyone could ever do or say to take away the absolute truth that lives within you
You are enough as you are
Your past does not define you
Your dark, dirty, wild, weird, ghastly secrets, do not change how lovable, worthy, and f*cking amazing you are.
The parts of you that you’ve rejected are holding you hostage.
You think you’re protecting yourself, and the world by shoving them down and avoiding their existence,
when you’re actually causing more damage than good by disconnecting from your wholeness.

You acknowledge, accept & integrate the shadow by recognizing what triggers & bothers you about other people, the things you judge in others, the words you will never let yourself even whisper, the envy you possess when someone gets or does something you wish you could but think you can’t, it’s the wild you try to tame, the “too much” you try to not to be, the emotions you refused to feel, the memories you wish weren’t real.

An untethering of yourself from everything else, and an integration of all you are within.

You are so incredibly powerful when you let yourself be unacceptably whole. 🖤

If you are ready to integrate ALL of you into your wholeness, ready to stop stalling on your desires & let yourself fully receive what you want in this lifetime, ready for fulfilling, healthy, intimate relationships, And, ready to be fully responsible for all of it, then my private mentorship can be the place where you fully reclaim all of it.
I have a spot open in my 1:1 Soul Alignment Program, where you get clear about what you want, remove all of the bullshit beliefs about why you can’t or don’t have it and then move forward into the love, life, & purpose you came to live, instead of the one someone else said you should.
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The Mission Has Always Been…

The Mission Has Always Been…

My mission, my message, my purpose has always, and will always be this:

TRUST your own inner knowing
TRUST your own inner power
TRUST your own innate intelligence
TRUST your own Souls guidance
No matter what is going on “out there”, there is a powerful system within you, guiding you, It truly is NO ones business, and you owe no one Not one ounce of an explanation as to why you choose what you choose. IN any capacity.
Not in your love/relationships,
Not in your investments or finances,
Not in your career/business,
Not in your own health & wellness.

Those who know me well know that for most of my life I struggled with severe health anxiety, resulting in extreme panic attacks and at times leading to a very physical breakdown of my body – the very thing I feared initially (this is how how energy, the unconscious, & the laws of attraction work FYI)
The source of this anxiousness, the trauma it stems from I am very aware of, and it is very personal and nothing I ever have felt the need to explain to anyone. I consistently do the inner work, and still utilize my resources when needed to continually heal my mind & nervous system around this, although it is MUCH less needed than it once was.
One thing I Have always been certain of right down to my bones, is that the answer, the healing that I need will always come from within me.
No matter what tools we use, our energy, mindset & spirit play the biggest roles in our wellbeing & healing. I know this intuitively, intelligently, and intellectually.

It has been a lifetime of circumstances that have led me to diving deeper than most people ever would consider, when it comes to healthcare, healing, physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual well being.
No one else’s choices are your business.
And your choices are no one else’s business.
What matters the most, I guarantee you this, is how aligned you are within when it comes to your decisions.
I can say with some level of certainly that when you take your last breath, very little else will matter to you other than “Did I do what I knew to be absolutely best, and true for me?” Not about what others thought of, or felt was best for you.
My belief, and knowing, will always rest in trusting that each and every one of us, ultimately knows whats best for our own Souls evolution and it only pulls us further away from our own inner being when we try to dictate or control another persons decisions, choices, and evolution.
Stay aligned.