Hold Yourself Accountable

Holding other people accountable, setting boundaries and standards does not negate you from holding yourself accountable first and foremost.

Being empowered is being able to be brutally honest with yourself.

It’s being able to look at your own shit, and be able to acknowledge it and be willing to transform it without judging or criticizing it.

When you are in complete alignment with yourself, you will find more and more that you do not need to cut off, block, or limit anyone else.

If people keep appearing in your life whom you feel you need to detox yourself from then it’s time to look within.

Holding people to a higher standard first means holding yourself that standard.

Stop expecting people to meet you where you haven’t even met yourself.

When you focus on what others are doing or not doing you are shifting responsibility away from yourself.

When you walk your talk you effortlessly attract those who are already in alignment or willing to meet you at your standards, or, you repel those who are not.

It is not enough to set boundaries and standards that tell others what to do and how to behave if they want to be anywhere around you. It’s time for you to take radical responsibility for yourself. To go within and see where you are unconsciously creating what you keep seeing. And when the same kind of people keep showing up it’s a very good indication that there is something going on within you that you have yet to turn your attention to. There is a belief or story that is running in the background that is keeping this active within your vibration and attracting the things you keep saying you don’t want.

If you want better relationships, better people in your life, more peace, love & happiness, then you have to begin by looking at your own inner stuff and remove your attention from what everyone else is doing, or not doing while you focus on recalibrating you.

You are always the common denominator, you are the center of your universe, you attract what is dominant within you. So when you are attracting what you don’t want you have to ask yourself where am I doing this unconsciously? Where am I being the very thing I am trying to get away from?

It is not enough to cast away people who you say aren’t meeting your expectations or standards, when you haven’t even met your own yet.

Focus on you, and when you do, you will no longer need to worry about what others are doing, or not doing. People will show up the way you believe they will, every time.

It is no ones responsibility to show up how you think they should for you, it is your responsibility to show up and be the energetic match for what you want and expect for yourself.