How to Have Blind Faith in your Desires!

*Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there*

I wrote a post recently about driving into our fears. That same night I ended up driving into a wall of fog – one of my worst driving fears- and then a deer ran in front of me, which was actually a beautiful message. I gripped the wheel, shaking, and drove slowly in complete faith that I would make it to my destination safely, in one piece.. and of course I did.

A few days after that I found myself in this steam sauna.

As the steam started to fill the room I felt that familiar wave of terror wash over me as my visibility quickly decreased into nothing but white fog.
While I knew the door was only a couple feet away it felt like it disappeared and I felt trapped (one of my other worst fears)
I got up a few times to remind myself that there was in fact still a door.
Silly, maybe, of course there was still a door.
But this is the power of our imagination, power we often use against us instead of for us.

What these scenarios reminded me of was that – just because I can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

This is how blind, ridiculously naive, faith works.

Trusting in something that you can’t see with your eyes yet, but knowing in your heart and your mind that it is there.

That is how manifesting our dreams, desires and our ultimate health works.

Knowing it’s there, even if you can’t see it.

If you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your life.

The job, the lover, the relationship, the money, the ridiculously big unrealistic dream, all of it.

But you have to believe it before you can see it.

You must trust in the desire that was planted in your heart was put there for you to water with complete faith until it blooms into the vibrant, fragrant, life force that it is meant to be.

Faith training: Moving through fog knowing that the destination you seek is just up ahead.Trust, feel, believe that what you want is coming/already here.

Believe you are worthy of your desires.

Believe you are worthy of the next step.

Believe you are capable of what seems impossible.

Believe that even when everything looks foggy, there is a bright, clear, resolution on the other side.

Be wiling to see things differently.

Be willing to ride out the murky, muddiness until clarity comes into view.

Be willing to accept that you are a powerful creator and any thing you dream you can have.

Know that what you want is there and do not give up, do not quit, do not turn back just because you can’t see it yet.

Keep your heart on your vision, but keep your eyes on the space right in front of you. Presence is what will get you to the next step. XO

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