“You Could Get Hit by a Bus Tomorrow”

The amount of times I have heard this line from people anytime I explain why I avoid certain foods, drinks, substances etc for my own health is insurmountable. Followed up by the line just live your life, eat what you want and don’t worry so much.

I truly believe that more often than not people are more inclined to just accept defeat in the face of that which they do not know in order to avoid the inevitable and sometimes overwhelming changes that come with knowing better.

I am sure you have heard the saying “when you know better, you do better” and I know first hand how hard it is to know better sometimes. If I didn’t know better then perhaps I would still indulge in a can of Coca Cola everyday, or drink chocolate milk by the carton or lather up in the most sudsy body wash or eat Oreo cookies by the bagful, they are vegan after all. I would read less labels and put less things back on the shelf after reading those labels.

Knowing better in a world where there is so much conflicting information can drive us mad sometimes. From Google searches to doctor visits, nutritionists to dietitians, naturopaths to homeopaths, Chinese medicine and so much more. We are in a time period of information overload and that alone can cause much undue stress on our bodies.

My response to people when they say well “you could get hit by a bus and die tomorrow so you might as well just” [eat that carcinogenic food or drink that 56g of sugar drink] etc, because essentially life comes with no certainty is this..

While we may not know the inevitable fate of when our time here on earth is through, and assuming I don’t step out into traffic without looking both ways tomorrow, the reality is that in this moment I am here and in this moment I want to feel my best. I mean. don’t we all?

Avoiding the things that we know for certain can make us unwell whether it be in the short or long term, whether we are talking mental or physical illness, to me is the equivalent of not stepping out into to traffic to take my chances of whether or not I’ll get hit by a vehicle.

The North American society has become so accustomed to this current fast paced way of living, and being that illness has become the “norm” because it is very hard to keep up our optimal health when no time is made for doing so. But wellness is the norm, sickness is not. Our bodies are wonderful miracles that truly want us to be in harmony with ourselves, but we have to be the catalyst for that.

Eating foods that we know harm our health, mentally, physically & spiritually, avoiding warnings on cigarette packs and then wondering why lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer, mindlessly drinking energy drinks, soda and sugar filled drinks without a concern for the inflammation and disease this is inviting into our bodies is a certain form of self harm.

I love my body and anytime my health is out of harmony I feel a serious disconnect which makes getting through the days much more unbearable.

The point to making healthy choices in our lives from the foods we eat to the fluid we drink, the products we use on and around our skin, and even the thoughts we think is to be in a loving relationship with ourselves. It is to feel good so we can enjoy the time we have here whether it is one more day or a few more decades.

Although knowing better can be overwhelming and daunting in the interim, like starting anything new, it becomes easier and more enjoyable over time. Taking small steps is a great place to start. Instead of assuming defeat and letting our fate lay in the hands of the factory food makers and the chemical dealers we can absolutely take a stand for ourselves and choose to make better, healthier, happier choices.

Let’s make eating and being well the new norm, the standard and bottom for living and remove the assumption that we should eat and do the things that may harm us simply because “life’s short”.

Life is as short or as long as you make it, and it can seem really long in a non enjoyable way, if you feel like shit all of the time while waiting for you number to be called. This moment is the only one we truly have and I for one want to feel fucking amazing in this moment, and any more that may be gifted to me.