Foods That Kill Your Vibe

Did you know that we all vibrate at an energetic frequency?

Did you know the lower your vibration the more susceptible you are to disease and illness?

And the higher your vibe the less susceptible to illness and disease and more open to all the amazing things in life?

Today in this video I talk about Foods that kill your vibe.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!!

From Self Loathing to Self Love (a video)

This healing journey I have been on with my tailbone has become so much more than a physical healing.
I learned how much of my self-worth and self-love come from this area. My root and sacral chakra areas, or for those of you who are not yet familiar with the chakras my tailbone (root), pelvis, hips, womb etc.

The fall that hurt my tailbone was a serious awakening for me sending me on a path of true self love. Although I have been on this journey for years I was not 100% grounded in my self love. I was stuck in patterns and still looking to others for approval and love.

In doing the work to heal my physical pain, I also had to dig up some deep emotional pain and transmute that as well. Who knew snowboarding could be such a spiritual event lol

Anyhow I decided to discuss my step by step journey from Self Loathing to Self Loving.

You can check it out here:

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Feminine Flora – WTF is it??

Everyone’s talking about gut flora and gut bacteria, but ladies, what about our vaginas??

There are trillions of bacteria in our bodies and for us women a lot of those are in our vagina.

Check out the video I did talking about our feminine flora, why it’s important and what causes an imbalance:

Feminine Flora – WTF is it??

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Cancer Didn’t Kill Her.

Last Wednesday after her 4th cancer had metastasized and radiation was no longer working, my Sassy Soul Sister left this earth. To say my heart shattered when I got the news would be an understatement. She left my world spinning, literally.  I had so much hope that things would turn around, that a miracle would happen, that her body was made of glitter and gold and could withstand the pressure of any illness and all of the treatment.

I do what I do in this world, in my practice so that stories like hers don’t end so tragically,  7 days shy of her 28th birthday. Losing her has been both heartbreaking and eye opening. In our time together I learned SO much from her, and her from me. What I also learned was that people who are immersed in conventional cancer care are not given the tools, resources and information that they really need to heal their whole body.

I know that she knew that radiation was ravaging her body, I know that she knew the toxic effects of the treatment she had received over a 12 year span. I also know that she had no idea (until she met me) the way that dairy can cause inflammation in the body, that sugar also causes inflammation and suppresses the immune system – the system that the body needs more than ever to heal cancer. That drinking chocolate coconut water wasn’t exactly the healthiest option and plain coconut water would do just fine. I was able to teach her so many things about the foods she eats and the thoughts she thinks. She was the most positive woman I have ever known, but that did not make her immune to the tragedies of life, to the knowing she would never have children, to the heartbreak of loves lost, to the energy suckers surrounding her, whether in person or from afar, these consistent hits to her soul made it even harder for her to beat the disease that was taking over her body. Positive thinking matters, it matters so much on a healing journey but more than that positive choices matter.

Surrounding yourself not only with the people who love and support you but those who also see you as healed too, not sick, not dead. Energy is EVERYTHING. You can say affirmations and state intentions all you want but if you don’t see them as real , if you don’t believe them and feel them in your cells and if you are around people who stay in the dark instead of the light, your chances of recovery and healing become compromised. If you don’t listen to your souls longing and continue to make the choices that go against it’s call you create a disconnect from the body and this disconnect leads to disease.

What am I trying to tell you here?

1. You must eat a diet that supports your healing on every level. A mostly organic, whole food, plant based diet is key in reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and creating healthy cells that can out number the bad cells and create an strong environment that cancer and illness cannot survive in.

2. You must not only be aware of your thoughts, but of your energy. Who are you spending the most time with? IF you cannot change the people around you then you may consider partaking in an energy clearing and protecting practice. Creating a protective shield around your body so as to not allow the negative energy of others infiltrate your space. Also knowing that just because someone is family, does not mean they need to be by your side. You have options whether you believe it or not. There are volunteers who help cancer patients get to their treatments (if that is the route you take), there are many people who want to see you well, stay near them.

3. During and after treatment you must be diligent about taking care of your body, mind and soul. Sure you may want to enjoy that greasy meal, or your favourite dessert or a glass of wine but in the long term these foods will not satisfy you on any level. Living does not just mean indulging in shitty foods and alcoholic beverages. It is important to note that your life has changed and it’s about time you change with it. If longevity and vitality is your goal then these changes are the most important.

4. Your soul knows what is best. As for my soul sister, we had many soul talks. She recognized when her soul was being suffocated and not honoured. Wanting the things that society wants us to want can be so much more damaging than you may ever realize. We are not here to please societies ideals, we are here on a journey, for a purpose and we must serve our souls or our bodies will suffer the repercussions. Knowing that the things you want most in this world are being taken away from you or denied to you can be the most heartbreaking and without ever realizing it, can truly dimmer your light. Honour your soul. My path just got brighter and my mission stronger. Cancer is a symptom, it is not the disease. When we can see it as such we take a whole new approach to how we heal. If you think about your illness, can you dig deeper to find it’s root cause?

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Stop Fighting Your Cancer

I have never been a “fighter”, not in any sense of the word. If at any time I argued or resisted something it only left me feeling weak, sick and insecure.

When I hear the word fight I think of resistance, battle & death.
There are no good vibes about fighting.

That is why it is so hard for me to get on board and encourage people to “fight” through their illness.

I don’t want you to fight.

I want you to live, love, breathe, move and heal through your illness.

I want you to see your cancer as a negotitation. It has come into your life to show you something is not right. There is an imbalance an unjust somewhere inside of your body and it is showing up to tell you that YOU need to show up.

You don’t battle disease, you heal it.

Look at your illness like your greatest teacher and ask it, what are you here to teach me?

As I sat with a client today who is healing her cancer she listed all of the positive things that have come out of her diagnosis so far: A better relationship with her husband, feeling healthy in the foods she is eating, seeing her family & friends start to make healthier choices, the unconditional support she is receiving.

When we fight we create resistance and resistance leads to stress and stress is the #1 cause of most disease in the body.

Can you look at your cancer, or any illness you are going through right now, in a different way?

Have you been fighting and resisting your cancer?

Can you let go of the fight, and let in the light?

If you feel you need some guidance and support on changing your perspective as well as changing your diet & lifestyle to help you heal your cancer I encourage you to reach out to me to explore working together to bring light, love, hope & healing to your illness.

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Love, Light & Healing,