32 Things I’ll Do While I’m 32

So, yesterday was my birthday and in the days leading up to it I wondered what I would do this year to honour my time here.

31 was tough. My dog was ill and all I could think about was how alone I was going to be without her. I couldn’t see 32 because I could barely see a day ahead of me.

Although it is still tough, it’s different now and what I know is every day is precious and I am setting big bold intentions for the year ahead to accomplish more than ever and to make my dreams come true, one step at a time.

I spent an amazing pre-birthday weekend with friends and family doing the things I love the most.

Saturday I took my Jeep into the forest to do some off roading finally and it was a day full of laughter and fun and nature.














I went out with some of my longest and bestest friends Saturday night and well, I will spare you the details. But they did get me a new yoga mat and for that I am SO grateful as mine was falling apart haha.













Sunday was spent at one of my most favourite peaceful places on earth Wishing Well Sanctuary. If you haven’t been you must go check it out!













Monday- My Actual Birthday I went for a nice hike with my Mom at Scanlon Creek. Then went out for dinner with some wonderful friends. Some of whom gifted me with an Xavier Rudd ticket ♥

I then had a beautiful bon fire lit for me at home, under the big, beautiful super full moon. We smudged with sage, played on the drum and then wrote down all of our intentions and all that we wished to release. It was so powerful and beautiful and as the papers burnt I felt my intentions soar into the universe in preparation to be manifested in the most glorious of ways. I watched all that I need to release turn to ash, never to return to my life again for it is gone and the lessons have been learned.

And so, for my birthday I made a list of 32 things I will do while I am 32, (in no particular order) here is it!

  1. Free standing hand stand
  2. Attend a Yoga Retreat with an expansion on teacher training
  3. Reach the highest promotion in my Juice Plus+ Business.
  4. Spend more time with all of my family
  5. Do a 7 day Juice Cleanse (omg did I just say that out loud)
  6. Travel to Exumas and swim with the pigs
  7. Write and publish my first book
  8. Move (living arrangements)
  9. Lead more Yoga thons
  10. Attend a live NFL game
  11. Be on time, all the time
  12. Keep my word (to be on time haha)
  13. Be on my phone less (especially in company)
  14. Fully launch my apparel line
  15. Wheat grass shots every day
  16. Create a beautiful and synchronized website
  17. Travel to BC
  18. Write in my journal every day
  19. Do more yoga
  20. Write an article for a recognized magazine
  21. Appear in a recognized magazine
  22. Read more books
  23. Purge- get rid of all extra “stuff”.
  24. Surround myself ONLY with people who love, respect and support me
  25. Get out of my comfort zone, Alot
  26. Learn to play guitar
  27. Do a 10 day Vipassana Meditation
  28. Volunteer more
  29. Help more people heal through the power of nutrition & yoga
  30. Honour Teja’s life by creating something that will last forever
  31. Create my own meditation recordings
  32. Live every day like it’s my last day to make an impact on this world ♥

So there it is. It seems long and intense right now looking at it, but I know that each and every one is completely possible with daily action. I am sure I will be adding more to this list as the year goes on and as I check mark alot of these off. I know that the universe has my back and whatever I desire will be mine as long as I keep my eyes on my vision and move towards it.

Thank each and every one of you who have been a part of my journey this far and for coming along for the ride, you all play a special part in my growth and expansion.

What’s on your list?


Love & Light


Janine ♥

What Am I Doing Here? ( Living My Soul Purpose )

Why am I Here? A really important question I ask myself often.

I got into this business because I really could not stand to see more and more people getting sick, specifically with cancer, and just accepting that as their default, and possible demise.

I was so tired of hearing diagnosis after diagnosis around me and everyone feeling so helpless.

Deep down I have always believed in the body’s incredible ability to heal itself and it was about time I did something about that.

But two years in and I feel that I have barely made a mark in this industry.

Why? Mostly because I didn’t get really clear with my “WHY”. I graduated from school and took any opportunity that came my way. I didn’t want to say no for fear of letting people down and for fear of not having a business at all. I did things that did not resonate with me just to appease others. The more I did this, the more I denied my truth and my soul purpose, and the more I did that the more I felt like my insides were dying. It doesn’t matter if you eat well if you don’t also LIVE well.

The further we move from our truth the closer we get to dis-ease, illness & unhappiness. Exactly what I am trying to avoid in myself, and heal in others. Irony.

Although I was not branding or advertising myself for the market I wanted and was called to serve, small bits of my truth would spill out in conversations, random blog posts and Facebook shares. People close to me knew my passion but that was not enough to do what I truly wanted to do, HELP on a much larger scale.

Two years ago a friend came to me about his friend who had been diagnosed for the 4th time with Cancer. His words were “Save Her, please”. That’s a tall order, but how could I say No. And so I reached out to this perfect stranger and offered some gentle guidance as far as her nutritional habits were concerned. (We have since become incredible friends- soul sisters one might even sayJ) What I learned from that experience is that not everyone knows what I know, as much as I tried to tell myself that. My ego would constantly try to sabotage my belief that what I knew was valuable and needed to be shared with the world, but I could never get past my limiting beliefs that someone was already doing what I wanted to do or that someone else already knew more than me, so what was the point in trying. A sad story if I do say so myself. There are 7 BILLION people on this planet, and why on earth would I think that my knowledge and passion were not valuable enough to help even a few?! Or on another note, why on earth did I think that I had the right and the choice to withhold valuable knowledge and passion when there are SO many people in this world who need the kind of guidance and support I so long to offer from my soul.

And so I have begun to shift. I stopped offering just any and all nutrition services. I believe whole heartedly in a whole foods plant based diet and that is what I intend to offer, because that is what feels right and that is what I believe facilitates healing.

As Cancer and other diseases rise to epic proportions my call to action is stronger and louder than ever before.

I am very multi passionate. But the base of my passion lies in Compassion. Non-harm, non-violence towards all living beings is what I live by.

Being in a position to help others is so profound and something to not be taken lightly, that can also make it very overwhelming and scary at times. But what on earth is the purpose of living without these emotions when it all leads to a greater good?

It is my soul desire, wish and path to help others live their life from their truest selves, to heal what needs to be healed and rebalance the body, mind and spirit. When the body is in balance, dis-ease disappears. Some may argue with this truth, and that is okay. Balance can mean many different things to many different people. Balance can show up in many different ways in the body.

There are times when the body will give subtle knocks, nudges, hints that balance needs to be restored and those are our opportunities to tune in, listen and Answer. When we do not answer because we are too busy, too scared, to focused elsewhere etc. we are allowing more room and space for more dis-ease to expand, to create bigger knocks, nudges and hints, until sometimes it becomes too late.

These bodies we are given are strong, capable and miraculous in their healing abilities if ONLY we do the work and give them the tools needed to do so.

Every moment is a new opportunity to do the work that needs to be done.

Ask yourself, “where am I holding back?” “what am I not answering?”, “how can I be of more service, to myself, and others”, then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and listen.

If finding balance in your life again is something you feel you simply cannot do all on your own, then enlist in the guidance of a coach/healer to help you get there. Sometimes all we need is someone to highlight the route on the map for us before we can embark on the journey for ourselves.

If you feel the desire to work with me to heal what needs to be healed within you through the means of Nutrition and Yoga/Spiritual guidance please contact me for a Free Discovery Session to see how I can help!

Much love, light & gratitude <3


Janine XO



Janine Fournier, RHN, RYT