Chia Party in Your Mouth Drink!


I’m getting more excited about this drink with every sip I take! It really feels like a party happening in my mouth, my tongue is the dance floor!

So I have heard of these “Chia Fresca” drinks for awhile now and have seen some people enjoying them and have even seen them being sold at ridiculously high prices at the health food store.

But it wasn’t until today when I was feeling thirsty for something a little more than just water, and glanced at my bag of organic chia seeds just chillin on the shelf that I decided it was time to try it myself!

So, here’s what I did, and what you can do.

•500ml of water (that’s one small mason jar)
•2 tbsp chia seeds
•1 package acai berry Emergen-C powder (optional, but I wanted flavour and I already had a lemon today and no berries on hand, not sure why I’m explaining myself but anyhow…lol)

I mixed all ingredients into my jar. Put the lid on and shook it like a polaroid picture! Or maybe more like a James Bond martini (which should NEVER be shaken btw but whatever JB obviously never went to bar-tending school)

I put it in the refrigerator waited ten minutes and voila! Chia seeds were all plumped up and ready to party!

My next drink I will use coconut water and skip the Emergen-C.
And you better believe I will be drinking this Every. Single. Day.

Try it, and let me know how you made yours!

This drink has
•4.8 grams of omega 3 fatty acids which are amazing for skin, brain and joint health.
•7 g of fibre (happy pooping!)
•4g of protein (now you can stop asking me where I get my protein)
•9% DV iron
•30% DV of magnesium (chilled out muscles)
•and a whole lotta vitamin C (boosting that immune system, absorbing that iron!)

So there you have it. A delicious, fun looking drink with a ton of nutritional value.
Bottoms up!

Love, Light and CH-CH-CH-Chia!